Аnastasia Trusova.

I love working with acrylic. Acrylic is the material for experimentation. With acrylic, you can forget all the rules, you can apply it thickly, or you can use it as watercolour. We can work with thick layers and paint on top with thin lines. Acrylic is combined with all paints: gold leaf with sand, mediums and even oil. You can paint on top of acrylic even with pens. You can combine techniques. In addition, acrylic dries very quickly, it’s not afraid of moisture and water, after drying it does not turn yellow over time and it’s not afraid of the sun. However, you need to understand acrylic.


I was born in a very small town in Russia. There was a lot of nature around: fields, forests, lakes and swamps. From the age of five I started painting, pencil drawing, and sculpture. At art school we were taught to appreciate every moment, variability, state of nature and take care of it. I continued to study painting and entered the University of Design. The education of a designer had a certain effect on my painting: we were taught to create art objects, painting was in the background. After graduating from school, I started working for a large international company as a shoe designer. I lived in Russia for one half of the year, and in China for the other (an 8-year pause in painting begins). Life introduces me to my husband, and I move to Belgium with him. A new language, adaptation, finding new friends, understanding a new system and the birth of a son. In 2018, I pick up a brush again and start painting again. I want to reflect the variability of nature, show the beauty of the moment, convey on canvas how I see and feel it. I love graphics and I love painting, I love sculpture. For a very long time I couldn’t choose which direction to develop in, so I put everything together. I have always been fascinated by the works of Renoir, Degas and Monet, and inspired by the paintings of impressionist artists. As a result, I created my own style, “textured graphic impressionism.” This technique allows you to reflect the mobility and variability of the real world in colour, enhancing the impression through the use of textures and rich colour accents.

Acrylic is a hard paint to work with. The main difficulty is that you need to know it very well, because it gets very dark. You paint with acrylic, everything is beautiful, then it dries out and the colours become dark, they do not sparkle. This is disappointing at first, when there is little experience. (It's not easy to work with at all, I'll never say that). 

I work with various acrylics. For me, it’s not important how the producer positions its product, for professionals or for amateurs. Different product series have different properties.

I add different mediums, there are many of them with unusual effects. Everything is fine to create textures, from palette knives, sculpting spatulas to brushes, spoons and everything you have at hand. 

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