Ekaterina Neshkova.

I absolutely adore painting, my favourite subjects is are flowers. The tenderness of the petals and the riot of colour is the contrast that fascinates and inspires me every time. At this moment an artistic idea is born and I can no longer fail to realize it. I work with oil, PVA tempera, acrylics, watercolour - the choice of paint happens at this very moment. I have been working with acrylics recently. I started with oil and worked with it for a long time, but then I wanted something new, more dynamic, faster. This is how I got acquainted with PVA tempera and acrylics.

I absolutely adore painting.

Acrylics are excellent paints for painting. Different series of acrylics have different consistencies: from thick, oil-like, to more liquid, gouache-like, which makes it possible to use a variety of techniques and approaches in work.

Acrylics can be dense and pasty like PVA tempera or oil, or, with the addition of water, it can become transparent and fluid like watercolour. Metallic shades add refinement, decorativeness and soft shine to paintings. Metallics look especially impressive on dark surfaces.

Acrylics dry quickly, which makes it possible to frame the work immediately after its completion.
I combine different series of acrylics in one work. I paint with thin Ladoga fillings, and on top with large thick Master Class strokes. The Sonnet palette contains ready-made pastel colours with white, very delicate and covering, easy and convenient to work with. The colours of the series mix perfectly with each other and provide an endless palette of new colours and possibilities. 

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